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Writing a moving review – why does it matter?

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Moving doesn’t end when you walk through the door to your new home. There’s still a lot to do – unpacking, settling in, meeting the neighbors, reviewing the movers’ services. Yes, you read that right! Writing a moving review is an important step in the moving process. But why is that? Your relocation is over, after all. Isn’t sharing your thoughts after the fact just a waste of time? Not at all! Your comments, feedback, and experiences can help so many others. So let’s talk about why your moving review is important!

Why do reviews matter?

Relocation is a long and exhausting process. Nobody will blame you for wanting it to be over as soon as possible. But writing a review for the people who helped you along the way is still absolutely worth time and effort, especially when it’s not very hard to do. Think back to how you found Undergrads Moving SC when looking for movers – did you not rely on other people’s suggestions, recommendations, and reviews?

Person typing on a laptop.
Writing a review is an important part of the moving process.

All the people who gave you this useful information were where you are now. They chose to leave a review and help you out. So now it’s time to pay it forward! Here’s why you should leave a moving review as well:

  • you’ll be sharing important information with other people looking for movers
  • it’s your opportunity to talk about your experience with the company and say what’s on your mind
  • you can praise movers who did a good job
  • if you were unfortunate enough to encounter a moving scam, a moving review is a way to warn others of it
  • it’s a way to help movers improve by letting them know what they did right and what could have been better

Writing a moving review is a way to reward good movers

Moving isn’t easy so any help that you get with the process is usually welcome. If that help came from Clemson movers, then a moving review is a great way to thank them for a job well done. So if your movers did a good job and you were happy with their services, take the time to post a comment on their website, give them a five-star rating on Google, add a review to their profile on social media or even a specialty review website. Your movers will certainly be happy to know what a difference they made in your relocation. But it goes beyond mere satisfaction and pride in one’s work.

Most people rely on reviews when choosing a business to trust. This includes choosing the movers for their upcoming relocation. By leaving a positive review for your movers you can increase their business and draw in new customers for them. This is the best possible way to reward your movers for all the help they’ve given you.

…or punish bad ones

Of course, there’s always the flip side of the coin: you may not actually be happy with the service you got from your movers. Maybe one of the employees was rude. Maybe your movers all arrived late. Or maybe they mishandled some of your things, broke something you cared about or damaged your floors. If you’re truly unlucky, you may even have come across some scammers. Whatever the reason for your dissatisfaction, writing a moving review can be your way of punishing the company that caused you problems!

Angry emoji on a phone.
A negative review can be your punishment for bad movers.

If you were truly dissatisfied with your movers, then make sure to let them (and everyone considering hiring them) know about it. Post your review to as many platforms as you can so that everyone reading about the company on BBB, Yelp, Facebook or anywhere else knows what they’re getting themselves into and turns to someone else instead. If, on the other hand, there were only certain aspects of the service you didn’t like, then specify what it was that could’ve gone better. A moving company that truly cares will work on improving by fixing what went wrong in your relocation! Some may even offer you a discount or partial refund to keep you as a satisfied customer. So even a bad review may end up being good for both you and your movers.

Writing a moving review will help others find the right movers for their relocation

As you certainly know from personal experience, moving reviews can be a major factor in choosing movers. So write a review for the sake of everyone else looking for the best Columbia movers because you never know when your opinion will make a difference! Write about all the things your movers did right. Write about all the things they did wrong. Everything that you think is important, everything that you would want to know if you were still in the market for movers, everything that people might not learn from just looking at the movers’ website – put it in a review and share it! It’ll help so many others prepare and make the right choices for their relocations.

Balloons with smiley faces.
Your review can make somebody else’s relocation better.

It can be helpful for you personally to write a review

So far, it’s all been about altruism. And don’t get us wrong: Undergrads firmly believe in paying it forward! But sometimes, you just want to do things for yourself. Believe it or not, a moving review can be one of those things. It can be a way for you to talk about your relocation to an audience that cares to listen. You can complain about the things that went wrong. Or you can be excited and happy about all the things that went right. A moving review doesn’t just have to be strictly about the moving services you used – it’s also about the experience.

How to write a good moving review

Writing a moving review isn’t very hard. Just be honest about the experience you had. Share as many details as you feel comfortable and be realistic – don’t focus too much on just the positives or just the negatives, it’s the whole package that counts. The one thing you do want to keep in mind is grammar: no one will take you seriously if you make a lot of mistakes or spelling errors. So read through your review before posting it to make sure that it’s clear, correct and makes sense!

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